Cook along with Chef Chad and some of his favorite little cooks as he coaches you through making wicked simple, delicious, family friendly plant-based meals. These easy to follow videos will highlight:

  • How to bring your kids in the kitchen and get them involved in creating plant-based snacks and meals
  • Comfort meals the whole family can dig into
  • On-the-go snacks and lunches like bento boxes and more
  • Easy to pull together weeknight desserts
  • Yummy brunches for happy kiddos
  • Dips to help push plants at snack time
  • Easy quick bites the kids can make themselves
Our mission is to inspire you to cook and eat more plants, and to give back to other wicked organizations that are doing the same, so we can see measurable differences in the health and lives of humans and animals globally.


Hang out with Chef Chad in his kitchen and he’ll show ya a full wicked healthy party menu with more than 20 killer recipes. These easy-to-follow online cooking classes will highlight:

  • Late night munchies and a bunch of party snacks, wicked style.
  • Get to know a ton of canapé bases, spreads, and garnishes.
  • A variety of kick-ass dumplings, from the dough to a variety of fillings and sauces to pair with them.
  • Tacos! Learn to make fresh tortillas and some favorite breakfast (or anytime) tacos.
  • Grab some paper towels and pass around some sloppy sliders that will appeal to any crowd.
  • Spoons, boats, shooters, skewers and so much more!