“There is no downside to eating and cooking more plants! The more you do it the better and easier it gets. It’s always been about working towards doing good and being of benefit for the planet, people and animals!”

- Derek & Chad

Wicked Podcast Round-Up

We both have a LOT to say about our mission and we’ve stacked up some serious airtime on the greatest podcasts that the plant-based scene has to offer.


RECIPE: Vegan Seafood Linguine

This vegan seafood linguine recipe is a high omega dish, packed with DHAs, that puts our Good Catch tuna in the spotlight.


Wicked Immune System Booster Foods

We want you to know that we care for all of you Wicked ninjas out there, and are thinking of you during this challenging time. Here are a few tips about how these immune system booster foods can support you during cold and flu season from our in-house nutritionist, Barb Sheldon-Thomas. *Please note that this…


RECIPE: Smacked Cucumber Salad w Smoky Almonds

This cucumber salad is beautifully infused with garlic, vinegar, and sesame oil and topped with smoky, salty flaked almonds.





“As chefs, we have looked at thousands of different products to use in our own cooking. Working for retailers like Whole Foods Market and Tesco, we have served as the gatekeepers to what products and brands are sold in stores around the world. Through years of research and development, we have created and brought our own products to market. There is no limit to the potential of plant-based products that have yet to be imagined!”

-Derek & Chad

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