“There is no downside to eating and cooking more plants! The more you do it the better and easier it gets. It’s always been about working towards doing good and being of benefit for the planet, people and animals!”

- Derek & Chad

New Wicked Contributor, Amy Levin

Team Wicked are thrilled to announce our new recipe contributor, Amy Levin! Despite being new to our platform, she is certainly not new to the team! Amy’s sophisticated chocolates and elegant desserts were the cornerstone at all SAF restaurants, owned by Chad Sarno, during their opening years.


RECIPE: Cashew Tofu Stir Fry Recipe

A delicious, quick tofu stir fry, packed with protein-rich tofu and fresh, crisp veggies. The sauce is fragrant and silky smooth – ideal for serving with steamed rice and perfect for scratching that “fakeaway” itch!


RECIPE: Garlic Lentils & Chickpea Meatballs

Delicious and velvety garlic-butter lentils make a perfect high protein meal that is easy to make, comforting and classy. If you’re looking to cut back on the added oils, just exclude them for a much lighter, less rich dish.


RECIPE: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This is the only vegan lock-down-proof banana bread recipe you’re going to need! Your kitchen will smell like heaven for about an hour after baking. This is the moistest, chocolate-packed banana bread I’ve ever made – and it’s honestly so easy to whip up! So let those bananas go SUPER ripe and you’re ready to roll!





“As chefs, we have looked at thousands of different products to use in our own cooking. Working for retailers like Whole Foods Market and Tesco, we have served as the gatekeepers to what products and brands are sold in stores around the world. Through years of research and development, we have created and brought our own products to market. There is no limit to the potential of plant-based products that have yet to be imagined!”

-Derek & Chad

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