“There is no downside to eating and cooking more plants! The more you do it the better and easier it gets. It’s always been about working towards doing good and being of benefit for the planet, people and animals!”
- Derek & Chad

RECIPE: BBQ Vegan Pulled 'Pork' Sandwich

Today we’re pulling the hell out of some Eryngii mushrooms for some saucy, beer infused, vegan BBQ Pulled ‘Pork’ Style mega sandwiches in toasted, squishy buns. They’re heaven in a roll and served up with a side of crispy potatoes with a black pepper kick.


WH Select Shrooms | Spring Edition

Mushrooms as meat. We’re always into it! When we’re not pressing or foraging, we’re checking out what other bloggers are doing with them. Here are some of our favorite #freefromanimals creations we’re loving and that are perfect for fall. The only thing that’s being killed here are shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms!


RECIPE: Good Catch™ Fish-Free Pasta

Pasta with lemon butter wine sauce is a quick and easy dish! Tomatoes, garlic, white wine, & capers collide with pasta & a heavy dose of vegan butter makes a bowlful of wicked goodness!


RECIPE: Vegan Roast Tofu & Vegetables

In this recipe we’re going to teach you how to make delicious whole roasted vegan tofu! This plant-powered dish is high in protein with minimum fuss and maximum flavour!





“As chefs, we have looked at thousands of different products to use in our own cooking. Working for retailers like Whole Foods Market and Tesco, we have served as the gatekeepers to what products and brands are sold in stores around the world. Through years of research and development, we have created and brought our own products to market. There is no limit to the potential of plant-based products that have yet to be imagined!”

-Derek & Chad