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coffee-roasted carrots

Salted Coffee Dirt-Roasted Carrots

Did you throw out your used coffee grounds from this morning? Stop it already! Today we’re using them in a wicked awesome way that will change the way you think about this leftover product!

These salted coffee-roasted carrots are Earth’s dirty little gems. A diamond in the rough. You get the picture. This works because the smokiness of the coffee grounds works great with the sweetness of the carrots, creating a beautifully roasted dish. Once you try this, you’ll think twice about tossing out those coffee grounds!

This post is the sixth and final post of Season One’s Wicked Healthy Takeover, working in collaboration with Whole Foods Market. Here we take parts of things we’ve made in all the previous episodes and recreate them into hip, exciting, new grubs. That being said, it’s difficult to write recipes for leftovers because unless you’ve prepared the items originally it tends to be a lot of work. Which is exactly what we don’t want to do here —> a lot of work.

Salted Coffee Dirt-Roasted Carrots

Coffee-Roasted Carrots

1 lb of carrots (preferably organic), washed and scrubbed clean. Clip the leaves form the stems, but DO NOT PEEL
1 T olive oil
1/2 cup Jacobsen’s coarse grind salt
3 cups or more – spent coffee grinds (We saved these over 2 -3 days) we used PDX Local
3 – 4 Thai chili peppers (optional), chopped thin
10 -12 large parsley leaves or clip the fresh leafy carrot stems, for garnish

Save about 3 days worth of spent coffee grinds and store in fridge.
Preheat oven to 450.
In large bowl, toss carrots with oil playfully to coat.
In smal bowl mix salt with coffee grinds and chili peppers.
On baking sheet assemble carrots evenly, cover with coffee dirt.
Roast in oven at 450 for 15 – 20 minutes then lower to 250 for an additional 30- 45 minutes.
Remove from oven, cool, wipe off dirt (coffee) and serve with parsley.

Salted Coffee Dirt-Roasted Carrots
Salted Coffee Dirt-Roasted Carrots

Salted Coffee Dirt-Roasted Carrots


Ira Chute: producer, camera dude
Clyde Burley: director, producer, camera dude, organizer
Andy Pickard: Editor
Jason De La Rosa: Editor
Derek Sarno: Wicked Healthy, Free style plant pusher
Chad Sarno: Wicked Healthy Chef, Rouxbe VP Plant Pushing Culinary
Zelda: Ninja Squirrel Queen Mascot

Brother Chad was busy teaching a ROUXBE class during the filming of these Wicked vids.

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Chad and Derek Sarno
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Video Production in collaboration with Whole Foods Market.
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