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Wicked Whole Wheat Pasta Night

The nutritional benefits of whole grain pasta (higher in fiber) make it a great alternative to regular pasta. To really boost the healthy contents of your pasta dish, add as many colorful vegetables as possible into your homemade or store bought sauce, like we’ve done below. Mangia without regret!

Step 1: Ingredients – whole wheat pasta, your favorite jar of sauce, 1 onion, pint of muchrooms, 1 red pepper, 1 zuchinni, 2 yellow squash
Step 2: Cook off pasta seperately according to the package instructions. Sautee the vegetables with a splash of vegetable broth until cooked halfway through.
Step 3: Add the sauce directly into your pot of half-cooked vegetables.
Step 4: If desired (recommended) add a handful of chopped greens, like kale, for more wicked heallthy benefits.
Step 5: Dish out the sauce over your pasta and enjoy!

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