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Chris Kerr


Chris Kerr | Strategy Sensei

Chris Kerr is the fund manager for New Crop Capital, which specializes in plant-based food investments. He has been instrumental in launching some of the sector’s most innovative and disruptive companies. Learn more about Chris in our Wicked Healthy Interview Series.

Erin Wysocarski


Erin Wysocarski | Content Ninja

Erin coordinates content for Wicked Healthy, making sure it’s always fresh and full of flavor. She likes to interview wicked awesome, plant-pushing people and has a thing for vegan seafood. When she’s not here, she’s cooking and blogging over at Olives for Dinner or busy scouting out the latest and best plant-based eats in Boston.


Kelly McShane | GIF Warrior + Recipe Developer

Kelly is a recipe contributor for Wicked Healthy, keeping our plates full and making cool gifs on the side. She also blogs over at Appleseed Cuisine and instagrams here.

Hiram Camillo


Hiram Camillo | Recipe & Development Ninja

Reborn in the dish pit of El Cid in sunny California under Chef Olivia Hernandez, Hiram started what would be the beginning of “His thing for plants.” Currently a private chef by day and Wicked Healthy RnD ninja by night.

Pete Cervoni


Pete Cervoni | Culinary Educator and Recipe Developer

20+ year plant pusher. Decades of specializing in foods Free. From. Animals. Key figure consultant, chef, instructor, juice wizard and instrumental educating culinary activist.

Ira Chute


Ira Chute | Video Wizard

The wizard behind the curtain and the camera. When he’s not summoning, directing and editing Wicked dope plant-powered videos, he’s overseeing his production company Highway 93 or on the soccer pitch.

Kate Fowler


Kate Fowler | UK Queen Badass

Kate is the wicked badass that connects friendly people in the media with Wicked Healthy’s and Wicked Kitchen U.K.’s plant-pushing news stories. She also works closely with pro-animal organizations introducing many of the Wicked partnerships in the U.K.

Beverly Burl - Wicked Healthy Mom


Beverly Burl | Wicked Healthy Mom and Recipe Developer

Beverly Burl is the proud mum that put up with and raised the Wicked Healthy bros. She is a plant-passionate foodie, health conscious educator, recipe developer, nurse and basically a saint for putting up with these boys!

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