Our Wicked Healthy Kids cooking classes are now FREE on Youtube!

Looking for a fun and productive things to do with the kiddos at home with the whole family?

We’ve got you!

Cooking is a life skill that we always try to instill in our little ones! It teaches reading, following directions (recipes), math, and science in a fun, delicious, hands-on way that you and your kids can really sink your teeth into.  We all need to eat and now there is such a great opportunity to learn the life skills and tools that will benefit the kiddos now and in the future.

We’ve built a complete playlist of easy to follow-along cooking episodes the whole family will enjoy! It’ll keep ya busy and get the kids cooking!  What a great way to share in creating and eating nutritious, delicious plant-based meals.

Check out the FREE classes here!

You’re never too young to learn how to get your hands messy in the kitchen!  And the benefits of plant-based cooking and eating is more important than ever!

In these classes, we’re gonna hang out with some of our favorite little people and show how cooking plants together helps lay the foundation for good food memories!  Plus – it can be such a blast cooking with kids! Watch Chef Chad Sarno in action as he shows step-by-step how amazing it is to teach ‘em while they’re young.

With our busy lives, most of us don’t have a ton of time to make complicated dishes for the family to eat, so we’re showing how to make simple dishes that kids can pitch in and help with and, most importantly, learn how to make TASTE DELICIOUS!

Let’s build a healthy appreciation of food with our kids together!

We’ll show how to cook with an abundance of high-quality every-day nonperishable cooking products like spices, dried legumes, whole grains, and fresh veg!

Cooking with kids at home creates lots of supportive opportunities.

  • It’s easy on the pocketbook
  • Creates wonderful bonding experiences
  • Kids are likely to try more when they cook themselves
  • You control what ingredients go into your food = health.
  • Teaches good cooking habits
  • Increases consumption of health-supportive/immune boosting plants!

We all could be cooking more in the kitchen.  Bridge the cooking gap! There’s no better time to teach yourself and your kiddos this essential skill!

To help support you and your family while we’re all indoors, we’re offering our Cook Wicked Healthy

“Wicked Healthy Kids” Cooking class on Youtube, FOR FREE!

Head over to our channel and check it out, plus all our other free cooking videos.

Watch, cook, and enjoy!

How we’ve structured the lessons:

  • Taking the stress out of cooking
  • Easy bites – kids can make themselves
  • Staying organized
  • Prepping in advance (mise en place)
  • Easy batch cooking
  • Food combining
  • Sweet and savory snacks
  • Comfort meals the whole family can dig into
  • On-the-go snacks and lunches
  • Easy desserts
  • Yummy brunches
  • Plant pushing healthy snacks


Here are a few nutrient-dense cooking tips to keep in mind as you get in your kitchens:

  1. Nature tells us where the nutrients are: Foods that are deep and bright in color contain more nutrients. Important vitamins and other phytonutrients can be lost when plants are cooked at high heat. Avoid overcooking.  Eat the rainbow, colorful veg, eat raw or lightly steamed, and eat fresh!
  2. Watch the oils: Treat added oils as a tool, not an ingredient.  Use as little as possible. Keep in mind each tablespoon of oil is roughly 120-140 calories.

NOTE: Good fats, whole food fats help minerals absorb in your body, so using plant fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, and olives on top of your salads is a great way to maximize nutrient absorption!