March 10, 2021

Wicked Women Leading The Way

Lauren Ornelas, Food Empowerment Project

Sergeant Nyaradzo Hoto

Kate Fowler

Wicked Women.

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March 3, 2021



You can find the Wicked Nooch near where you find the nutritional yeast at Tesco UK.

The FIRST TO MARKET flavoured nooch has rolled out in supermarkets, Tesco specifically, putting our Wicked stamp on a key vegan ingredient delivering 3 deliciously, punchy flavours! Add a boost to stews and sauces, pizza, or use it as a parmesan’ alternative over pasta, and don’t forget popcorn (and that’s just us getting started!)!

Nutritional Yeast; aka Nooch. Still, no idea how that name came about. We sometimes call it, hippy fish food, just for fun. A staple in every seasoned plant-based/vegan pantry. It’s deep umami, slightly salty, kinda cheesy flavor hit that is great in recipes and especially as a sprinkle on. Nooch has been used to bring whatever food it lands on to life and can be used to reduce salt. Not to mention it provides a healthy dose of B12!


Garlic & Herb Flavoured Nooch

Serving ideas: Corn Chowder, in a ‘cheezy’ garlic sauce, over spaghetti, sprinkle over popcorn…

garlic & herb flavoured nooch seasoning
wicked ranch nooch flavouring seasoning

Ranch Flavoured Nooch

Serving ideas: Sprinkled over salad, added punch to potatoes, add to pasta sauces…

Smoky BBQ Flavoured Nooch

Serving ideas: Hot noodle bowls, over BBQ shrooms, crispy tofu coating, include in a ramen dish for an extra flavour boost…

wicked smoky bbq nooch

Need more convincing? Nooch is also a good source of Thiamine (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Pyridoxine (B6), Potassium and Zinc, as well as containing all 9 essential animal acids – count ‘em, all 9!


Now, onto our new stuffing! Not just for the festive season, it’s great to add to your repertoire all year round.

wicked kitchen stuffing at tesco uk

Find your nearest TESCO UK store here.

We hope our Wicked family in the UK get to pop out to enjoy some of these treats with wicked nooch and stuffing, be sure to share on the gram and tag us (@eatwickedfoods) to let us know what you thought!

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March 2, 2021

Amy Levin, Vegan Candy School is in Session…

Team Wicked are thrilled to announce our new recipe contributor, Amy Levin!

Despite being new to our platform, she is certainly not new to the team! Amy’s sophisticated chocolates and elegant desserts were the cornerstone at all SAF restaurants, owned by Chad Sarno, during their opening years.

Amy is a classically trained professional chef who found her way into vegan and vegetarian cooking in 2004 while training to be a holistic health counsellor at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

With over 20 years experience as a professional chef, and a decade specialising in healthy chocolates and desserts, Amy leads the way when it comes to empowering people with the tools needed to forge their own path within this sector.

amy levin
amy levin vegan chocolates

Amy has been teaching her signature chocolate and dessert classes, both live and online, since 2009. Her skills as a teacher are unparalleled, whether it be teaching a home cook or professional chef.

Since the start of the pandemic, Amy has moved to Livestream teaching and is now selling a line of hand-painted Bonbons which are available worldwide.

We caught up with Amy for a brief chat, to whet your appetite for the creations she will be sharing with you all.


Welcome to the team, Amy! To start, could you share where your vegan and plant-based journey began?

When I was 25 years old I studied nutrition at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. We learned about every ‘diet’ under the sun, and the one that struck me the most was raw and plant based. I began integrating this into my own life and really enjoyed the process of trying new foods, like spirulina, raw cacao and salads that were far more creative than the ‘salad bar’ items I grew up on. It soon became all I wanted to focus on in my work and it all kicked off from there.


You are well known for being able to teach the art of chocolate making to beginners and seasoned pros alike. That being said, many new cooks find chocolate making to be a daunting task! What advice would you give to people wanting to give it a try?

There’s no doubt that chocolate making is an art and a science. I think that might be one reason it’s off putting to people. It does have certain requirements that need to be met, otherwise it simply will not work.

So, I’d say start at the shallow end of the pool and work your way to the deep end. Whatever that looks like for you. Maybe that means buying some premade chocolate, melting it down and tempering it. See how that goes first and then see where your natural curiosity takes you.

Chocolate is an expansive area with plenty of entry points for meeting people exactly where they are, and allowing them to expand endlessly. Patience and being open to learning are all that’s required to work with chocolate.

You’ve specialised in healthy desserts and chocolates now for over a decade – what is it you’ve enjoyed the most about working with sweet treats?

The connection I feel to desserts and chocolate is unlike any other area of cooking for me. It’s a place where I can truly express my artistic self. The other thing I love about it is that people glow when you present them with sweets. Always. And I like being part of someone glowing, humming, feeling joy and savouring.

amy levin treats

You’re also a holistic health counsellor, what can you tell us about the health-giving qualities of your desserts?

I could go into the nutritional aspects of my desserts, but I take a different approach. For me, it’s more the emotional aspect. The fact that my job is to teach people how to make delicious, healthy desserts and chocolates means that I have a small part in those people feeding their loved ones. In a world where you can easily buy pre-made desserts and chocolates, people chose to make it from scratch. They dedicate their time and energy to that. That’s the most ancient practice of humans and it’s healing.

Is there a sweet flavour combination that you can never resist?

At heart, I love the classics. Mint Chocolate. Coffee Hazelnut. Raspberry Star Anise. Apple Cinnamon.

A lot of your creations look like works of art! Where do you find inspiration for your craft?

This is a difficult one to answer because my inspiration comes from so many different areas that melt into one. Sometimes it’s from wanting to make something for a friend or loved one because they’re craving it and don’t want to have the ‘unhealthy’ version of it. Other times I’m working in the kitchen, one thing leads to another and boom, something amazing happens. Something unexplainable. Those are my favourite moments, because I feel like a vessel for something greater to express itself through me.

wicked chef amy levin

February 12, 2021

Wicked Valentines 2021!



Wicked Kitchen Crispy M’shrooms Smoky Ketchup

Golden chestnut m’shrooms in a crunchy garlic, parsley ciabatta crumb

wicked valentines crispy m'shrooms with smoky ketchup


Wicked Kitchen Wicked Welly (serves 2)

Two hand-rolled wellingtons. Pea protein, flaky pastry with roasted garlic herb mushroom duxelles.


Wicked Kitchen Potato & Butternut Gratin

Delicious sliced layers of potato and butternut squash baked in a dreamy herb sauce.

wicked potato and butternut gratin


Wicked Kitchen Chocolate Brownie Heart

Wicked gooey brownie topped with an irresistible rich chocolate ganache and red sparkle. Enjoy hot or cold! Made for chocolate lovers, perfect for sharing!

Enjoy, plant pushers and plant lovers alike! This is love without sacrifice ❤️  Thank you for choosing plant-based! There is no need to eat animals any more, it’s 2021 ❤️


Tesco Finest Twice Cooked Chips


Tesco Finest Green Veg Trio


Choose from a selection of vegan Finest wine and soft drinks.

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Who wouldn’t want to find a hand-crafted cast iron pan under the tree this year?! We’ve made the holidays easy for you with this Wicked quick gift guide, ideal for your budding vegan chef friends/family and anyone subscribed to the life of pushing plants!

Wicked Clothing

Join the Wicked community with these hot lookin’ hats and t-shirts that tell the world you are pushin’ plants with the best of them!

wicked healthy gift merch for vegans
holiday merch gift for vegans

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Check out the best knives, pans, and kitchenware in the biz, on our holiday gift guide for vegans and get cooking this holiday season!

Dalstrong Knives

(Use coupon code ‘WICKEDHEALTHY’ and get 10% off)

Cast Iron Pan


Pasta Maker

Vitamix Blender


The holidays are about so much more than gifts, we hope you get to spend some quality time (in appropriate sized bubbles) with your loved ones! If not, we hope there’s at least some tasty food on that holiday table!

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December 4, 2020


WICKED WEAR-EVER YOU GO! To celebrate our global launch we’ve collaborated with the fantastic Taryn of Vegetaryn to create our own sweat-shop free merch clothing line! Our Ts + hats are super comfy and make a statement in your daily life, as an esteemed member and supporter of plant-based with the Mushroom Mafia, or proud Plant Pusher Tshirts! These have been a long time in the making and we’re pretty stoked about them!

A Little about Vegetaryn. . .

Taryn Rasgon is the creator and clever mastermind behind the vegan-inspired brand, Vegetaryn. Her ethically made, eco-friendly and 100% sweatshop free merch range makes a vegan statement with cute & punny sayings like Lettuce Eat Plants and If Looks Could Kale! She’s a passionate advocate for animals, a qualified plant-based Nutritionist, and mom to the beautiful pig ‘Penny’. Taryn’s all about good vegan food and we are very happy to be collaborating with such an awesome voice in the movement! Find her on IG here!

SO, What have we got for you?

mushroom mafia apparel giveaway


We believe mushrooms are the new meat. Be a ‘shroom pioneer and declare your membership to the Mushroom Mafia on your chest!


mushroom mafia tshirt


mushroom mafia wicked healthy


mushroom mafia sticker merch
plant pusher merch


We’ve been referring to our plant-based friends as Plant Pushers since day dot. We make pushin’ plants our business here at Wicked and we love to see you doing the same!


wicked healthy plant pusher tshirt


plant pusher hat


wicked healthy plant pusher stickers


We are giving away 5 Mushroom Mafia/Plant Pusher Packs [x1 Tshirt + x1 Hat] across our @eatwickedfoods Facebook and @eatwickedfoods Instagram pages!

To be in with a chance of winning, head to our giveaway post on either Facebook or Instagram page and follow these steps:

  1. Follow @eatwickedfoods and @Vegetaryn
  2. Like the post
  3. Comment: “Plant-Pusher” or “Mushroom Mafia”
  4. and Tag 3x friends!

Remember to complete all 4 steps to make your entry count.

The giveaway will run from today (4rd December) and will close on the 11th of December at midnight GMT! We will announce the winners both on FB and IG on the 12th of December.

Open globally! 1 entry per social platform (meaning you can enter twice!)

Good luck!

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November 30, 2020


Team Wicked has been working around the clock, (alongside the new global expansion news), to bring you an epic selection of brand new Wicked Kitchen and Plant Chef ranges to make swapping out animal products even easier before we wrap 2020! We’ve launched party foods in time for the holiday season (the Christmas mains too, that come out next week!), hearty meals in both the fridge and freezer, dips, mayo, snacks, and even a whole host of sundae desserts – your weekend (and weekday) treats sorted! In case you missed it, we even launched the amazing Wicked ice creams! We’re nowhere near finished…just wait to see what we have in store for you in 2021. Let’s just say plant-based is alive and well in these times and that’s something to smile about after this tough year.

Sit back and relax, let’s have a look through your new ranges!


No-Prawn Firecracker Dippers

new wicked kitchen no-prawn firecracker dippers

No-Chicken Drumettes

vegan no-chicken drumettes tesco uk

Crispy Mushrooms with Smoky Ketchup

new wicked kitchen crispy mushrooms with smoky ketchup

Festive Feast Wrap

festive feast wrap at tesco uk

Wicked Nacho Potatoes

vegan wicked nacho potatoes

Pasta & Amaze Balls 2.0

wicked kitchen line pasta & amaze balls at tesco uk

Asparagus & Peppercorn Ravioli

asparagus and peppercorn ravioli vegan food at tesco uk

Wicked Kitchen Bac-NO-naise Vegan Mayo

bac-no-naise vegan mayo from wicked kitchen

Wicked Kitchen Piri Piri Vegan Mayo

tesco piri piri vegan mayo

Wicked Kitchen Garlic Mayo with Caramelised Onion Flavour

garlic mayo with caramelised onion flavour

& Wicked Kitchen Spiced Vegetable Roll Selection!


2 Passin Fruit Panna Cotta

2 passion fruit panna cotta

Chocolate & Orange Sundae

vegan chocolate & orange sundae at tesco uk

Chocolate & Salted Caramel Sundae

vegan chocolate & salted caramel sundae

& Wicked Kitchen Chocolate and Cherry Dessert!


Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

wicked kitchen mint chocolate chip ice dream

Chocolate Ice Cream

vegan chocolate ice cream

Vanilla Ice Cream feat. our Sticky Toffee Pudding

vanilla ice dream sticky toffee pudding


10 Pigless Blankets


10 No Lamb Samosas


No-Duck Spring Rolls

no-duck spring rolls plant chef wicked kitchen

No Meat Pie

no meat pie tesco uk plant chef

4 No Meat Pies & 4 No Meat and Vegetable Pies

4 No Meat Pies & 4 No Meat and Vegetable Pies

Savoury Pie

plant chef savoury pie

Mushroom Fettuccine Pasta

wicked kitchen plant chef mushroom fettuccine pasta

Vegaroni Pasta

plant chef vegaroni pasta at tesco uk

Lentil & Bean Chilli

lentil and bean chilli

Thai Inspired Green Vegetable Curry

plant chef at tesco uk thai inspired green vegetable curry

Sweet Potato & Chickpea Tikka Masala

sweet potato and chickpea tikka masala

Meat Free Sausage Rolls

meat free sausage rolls

Soya Bolognese

soya bolognese plant chef

Soya & Chive Dip

soya and chive dip

Vegan Sour Cream

vegan sour cream at tesco uk

6 Mince Pies

6 vegan mince pies

We hope you’re as thrilled with these plant-based options as much as we are. Keep up the good work plant-pushers! And if you’re reading this outside of the UK and getting FOMO, don’t worry, we’re coming for you next – don’t forget to go to our new website to ‘plant your flag’’ and let us know where you want us to come in 2021!

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Top 5 Wicked Holiday Recipes

Get loaded up on the most festive recipes in our archives! This is the season of pure comfort food, decadent rich flavours, and creamy textures! No matter which holidays you celebrate during the season you’ll find something great here to grace your table for a celebration. No animals harmed, as always. Thanks for eating more plants and happy holidays!

Vegan Sunday Roast

The full works. A crowd-pleaser that gets everyone coming back for seconds.

Herby Crusted Butternut Tenderloin

An impressive centrepiece that gets everyone talking. Tender and juicy, with a herby crust.

Country Fried ``Turkey`` Tofu & Mushroom Gravy

One to make the omnis in your life! Crispy and delicious “turkey” with an indulgent mushroom gravy to live for.

Roast Veg Centrepiece

Nothing brings the wow-factor on a table like our veg centrepiece boards. Surprisingly simple, delivering on variety and making sure everyone gets their veggies in!

Garlic Butter Mushroom Steak and Gravy

A real treat – crispy cluster oyster mushroom steak (using our pan pressing technique), with a creamy garlic butter sauce and delicious gravy that everyone knows and loves.

BONUS! Can't forget dessert.

Chocolate Cream Pie

Can’t forget those sweet treats! Our chocolate cream pie is quick to whip up and a smooth, silky chocolate-lovers delight. (Easy to make with little ones too!)

Wicked Kitchen Ice Cream at Tesco UK

vegan vanilla ice cream
vegan chocolate ice cream at tesco
mint chocolate vegan ice dream

Vegan Ice Dream Available at Tesco UK Nationwide!

No soy in sight! The base of this dessert is the nutritionally dense, prebiotic packed and protein-rich Lupin bean, blended with coconut oil to achieve the creamy, dreamy texture you’re used to from your favourite ice cream.

Pair up the Vanilla with our Sticky Toffee Pudding, or go double on the choc with our Red Velvet Brownie with a scoop of chocolate ice cream. As for the mint, it’s packed with crunchy chocolate chips and lashings of smooth chocolate sauce – we know a lot of you have missed this flavour since going plant-based!

vegan vanilla ice dream with sticky toffee pudding
sticky toffee and ice dream from tesco uk

We truly believe there should be no missing out for our fellow plant-pushers who choose a compassionate lifestyle, so we are working around the clock to make sure these options exist! We’re not about fooling anyone with plant based alternatives, but we know your non-plant based friends will love these too. Because good food is good food. End of.

You'll Love Wicked Kitchen Vegan Ice Cream!

Love our recipes? Join the Mushroom Mafia! Check out our Wicked Healthy Merch and become a Plant-Pusher!

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vegan ice dream at tesco uk

November 18, 2020


No rest for the Wicked!

We’re taking plant-based food beyond the U.K. in Spring 2021!

The pioneering 80+ product strong Wicked Kitchen line, available at 3,700+ Tesco stores across the UK, has become a market leader in plant-based meals, snacks, and ingredients and we’re thrilled to be launching Wicked Foods as we branch out from the UK. The success has been such that Tesco has even announced a five-year commitment to offer even more plant-based foods and increase sales of meat alternatives by 300%! A win for us, the planet, and the animals!

The expansion to North America aligns with the unprecedented changes already taking place among U.S consumers with more than 10 million Americans now following a plant-based diet, a number that grows exponentially every year. This is paired with the fact that meat consumption is steadily on the decline with nearly one in four Americans stating that they have cut back on meat in the past year due to health and environmental concerns, according to a Gallup poll released in January 2020. This is momentum on both sides…and exciting times for our movement!

Entering the global market, we will continue to capitalize on the growing demand for great-tasting foods that are free from animals by increasing availability and providing convenient meal solutions.

With Wicked Foods, we are committed to creatively challenging perceptions of what can be done with plants in grab-and-go and ready-in-minutes foods that are, in equal part, visually stunning, nutritionally satisfying, and, of course, Wicked delicious! Driven by our (Derek and Chad Sarno) culinary experience and exacting high standards, Wicked Foods highlights the power of plants in changing the way the world eats by creating best-in-class vegan food for meat-eaters and plant-pushers alike.

wicked meaty

“Our mission is to help people cook and eat more plants knowing that we’ll be saving millions and millions of animals each day which improves our planet, supports our farmers and our health.

We’ve created the tools, recipes, and products to make it simple, flavorful, and fun for people to eat more plant-based foods in the U.K. and we are excited to now bring these to the U.S., Canada, and other European countries.”

– Derek Sarno

wicked good food

Wicked Foods’ expansion is being led by new CEO Pete Speranza, a CPG industry vet, and Unovis partner, who will bring his extensive experience and tactical know-how to the brand’s day-to-day operations. Wicked Foods joins other innovative brands in the portfolio of Unovis, a leading global investment firm disrupting conventional animal agriculture. Founding partner Chris Kerr has worked closely with the Sarnos to develop and launch the Wicked Foods brand.

“In my nearly 25 years in CPG, I haven’t seen anything quite like what Chad and Derek have been able to create with Wicked Foods.

Their commitment to producing the most crave-able, sought-after, chef-crafted plant-based foods is driving huge demand in the UK and we know Americans are ready for this genuine and unapologetic approach to plant-based eating. And it’s not only vegans that are creating demand but also mainstream consumers who are wanting in on alternative protein options that put flavor first.”

– Pete Speranza

wicked food prepared

As part of the launch, we’ll be asking our trusty plant-pushers (that’s you!) to “plant your flag” to share where you’d like to find our new plant-based products next! Everyone taking part will receive a free copy of the Wicked Mushroom Manifesto, a digital collection of our most popular recipes that highlight the techniques to transform mushrooms into “meat.”

wicked food launching

Keep an eye on our social media pages, we’ll be asking for your input this weekend!

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