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We’re chefs and brothers (secretly, ninjas) and though we come from two different professional backgrounds, we found common ground in the Wicked Healthy culinary arts.

Wicked Healthy what?

Being from New England, when we say we’re making something “wicked healthy” we mean we’re going to show you incredible, new, kick-ass ways to enjoy eating plants—especially the green ones. Our plant-pushing philosophy is this:


80/20: shoot for 80% healthy, 20% wicked and you’ll be 100% awesome


Let us explain: the wicked healthy way is not about strict dieting. Heck no! It’s all about balance, having fun in the kitchen, and making real food that’s delicious and happens to be healthy. What good is a diet where you starve yourself, feel miserable, then go right back to eating the same thing or way as before? Healthy to us means taking control of what goes in our mouth … not about starvation or choking down food that tastes like shit.

Healthy people are full of life. They’re upbeat, confident, and energetic. Maybe being wicked healthy for some means eating healthy during the week, then loosening up on the weekends. For others, maybe it means staying healthy during the day and getting a little wicked a little later on at dinner. Finding out your 80/20 is key, and we’re here to help support that!

We make real food (mostly plants) taste great. Whether it’s shrooms, plant-forward appetizers, comfort food or cheezy dishes, we want to help you use your freakin’ brain by showing you how to:

  • go easy on added sugars, saturated fats, and salt;
  • eat lots of plants, mushrooms, other whole foods, and
  • make an effort to move around every day and more!

We don’t want to just tell you about this formula. As professional ninjas in the kitchen, we can show you incredible new ways to enjoy real food and celebrate what tastes great. We’re all about celebrating what you should be eating, not shunning what you shouldn’t. We’re plant pushers, not meat shamers! We want to motivate, empower and show you how to make the best wicked healthy food choices by offering delicious, easy-to-make dishes with accessible ingredients. Everything you see here you can replicate at home to become a more awesome, wicked healthier you.

Now go eat some vegetables, especially some of the green ones, and stick around while we update the site with new recipes, inspiration and interviews, and stay connected by signing up for our newsletter.

Here for you,

Chefs Derek and Chad Sarno, Plant Pushers



Chef Derek Sarno | Co-Founder, Wicked Healthy

Derek is co-founder of Wicked Healthy. When he’s not cooking or instagramming his creations, he’s the Director of Plant Based Innovation at U.K. retail giant Tesco.

Derek was formerly the Senior Global Executive Chef for Whole Foods Market, has owned several critically acclaimed restaurants and catering businesses, founded a sustainable farm and spent several formative years as a farmer and chef at an international Tibetan Buddhist monastery located in upstate New York. He is also a mushroom and squirrel whisperer and, most recently, a fox whisperer.


Chef Chad Sarno | Co-Founder, Wicked Healthy

Chad is co-founder of Wicked Healthy. He is currently the VP of Culinary at Good Catch Foods, whose mission is to create “seafood without sacrifice”, by creating a 100% plant-based seafood line to be launched late 2018.

Chad was formerly the VP of Plant-Based Education and Culinary Wellness at Rouxbe, the world’s largest online cooking school. Prior to this, he spent several years as Senior Culinary Educator, Global Healthy Eating Coordinator and media spokesperson for Whole Foods Markets’ Healthy Eating program. He was Executive Chef of SAF Restaurants launching the first international brand of vegan restaurants in Istanbul, Munich and London. When not in the kitchen he’s getting lost in his gardens with his kids.

Chad is also the co-author of the New York Times bestselling cookbook, Crazy Sexy Kitchen with Kris Carr, and contributing author to more than 10 health-related cookbooks.

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