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Launch of Good Catch™ Fish-Free Tuna!

Today is a vegan, plant based win! Today we launched GOOD CATCH with our great team! Some Wicked crazy cool shit if you ask us! What started as a thought and aspiration turned conversation and then into development. Lots of work! It’s now manifested into a tangible product, an action that is part of a solution to some of the crazy issues we face. 

After almost two years in development, we’re excited to announce that our Good Catch™ Fish-Free Tuna is launching three shelf-stable products: Naked in Water, Mediterranean and Oil & Herbs. We are so excited to see this product come to life and could not be more proud of the team behind it!


Cheers to bringing dreams of creating solutions and alternatives to animal based products to market with a compassionate focus!

“We’ve created a true tuna texture and taste profile,” said Good Catch Co-Founding Chef Chad Sarno. “Good Catch products are a one-to-one swap in any recipe that calls for tuna, and can be the centerpiece of any entrée, sandwich, chowder, or salad. Plant-based Tuna is the culmination of our experience as plant-based chefs, combined with our passion for healthy eating as well as animal and environmental welfare. We’re redefining seafood for omnivores and plant based eaters alike.”

Good Catch is the first plant based brand that truly rivals animal seafood.

“Our mission is to disrupt the seafood category with delicious plant based options,” said Good Catch co-founder and CEO Chris Kerr. “And give consumers everything like they like about seafood, but without the mercury poisoning”

In the meantime, check out this video and stay tuned for Good Catch recipes and videos like the one below for our Deli-Style Tuna here on the blog!

To purchase, visit your local Whole Foods or go online to Thrive Market (click on logo below)!

Turn your deli dreams into a reality with this fish-free Good Catch Tuna! Slather in between two slices of bread and make a tuna melt, or serve it along side a salad for a light and protein-packed punch. The plant-based seafood options are endless! 

Good Catch™ Deli-Style Tuna

Serves: 2


for the fish-free tuna
1 C plant-based mayo
1 T ground horseradish
2 t dijon mustard
juice of half a lemon (see TIP)
a few dashes of fresh cracked pepper
1 T olive oil
a few pinches of coarse sea salt
½ C capers
5 green onions, chopped
½ C celery
2 T fresh dill
3 C Good Catch™ Fish-Free Tuna

for the salad
3 oz. arugula
1 T olive oil
juice of half a lemon
a few pinches of coarse sea salt
a few dashes of fresh cracked pepper
tomato wedges, for serving


In a medium-sized prep bowl, combine all ingredients for the fish-free tuna except for the tuna. Place the tuna in a separate medium-sized prep bowl. Pour the dressing over the tuna, and gently fold to combine.

In a third prep bowl, add the arugula. Season with the olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Gently toss with your hands, then transfer to a serving plate with the fish-free tuna and tomato wedges.

TIP: Roll the lemon on the cutting board with a flat palm before slicing to loosen up the fibers and yield more juice.

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