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double bbq vegan burger final plating

RECIPE: Double BBQ Vegan Burger

This is the vegan burger of your dreams…DOUBLED! In this recipe we’re using the amazing Field Roast Fieldburgers, then we top it with sautéed onions and mushrooms, melted Field Roast Chao Slices and zesty BBQ sauce. Unhinge your jaw and savor the flavor, because this is plant-based burger heaven!

Building the Perfect Vegan Burger

There are absolutely no rules (except for keeping it #freefromanimals) when it comes to putting together the perfect vegan burger—just do whatever floats your boat! But sometimes we all need a bit of inspiration to construct something epically appropriate for our wicked appetites. Here are a couple tips to help you along the path to burger bliss:

  1. Use Steam to Melt Chao: As you’ll see in the recipe and video, we’ve found that using a bit of steam helps melt the chao on the burger. Add a small amount of water to the pan at the very end of the burger cooking process and cover to get the melty deliciousness you crave!
  2. Toast the Buns: Toasting burger buns (and pretty much any sandwich or wrap, for that matter) is a game changer. Use a little bit of oil or plant-based mayo/butter and get those buns golden brown!
  3. Embrace the Flavors YOU Love: As we said before, there are no rules for building the perfect burger, so explore the flavor combinations that you like best. Whether you’re looking for spicy, sweet, tangy or savory, only you know what combo will be your favorite!

Working With Chao

There’s no need to be intimidated by the idea of working with vegan “cheeses.” We’ve spent countless hours in the kitchen testing different techniques and have found tons of exciting ways to use it. From piping-hot queso recipes to indulgent, creamy sauces, check out this curated playlist of videos and let your imagination run wild!

Double BBQ Cheeseburger

Serves: 2


2 T olive oil, divided
½ onion, sliced
½ t sea salt
2 portobello mushrooms, stems removed and thinly sliced
a few dashes of fresh cracked pepper
1 T plant-based butter
4 Field Roast FieldBurgers
4 slices of Field Roast Chao Slices
2 T water
2 hamburger buns of your choice
olive oil spray
plant-based mayo
fresh jalapeño, sliced
1 C shredded cabbage or lettuce
¼ C of your favorite BBQ sauce
Roll of paper towels


Place stainless or cast iron saute pan on medium-high heat. Add oil. Add the onions and sea salt, toss to coat. Add the mushrooms, black pepper and plant-based butter. Toss again to coat and saute until onions have slightly caramelized and mushrooms have softened. About 4 minutes cooking time.

In a separate cast iron pan on medium-high heat, add the remaining tablespoon of olive oil into a cast iron pan. Place in the Field Roast FieldBurgers and allow to brown on one side, about 3-4 minutes. Flip and continue to pan fry for 2 minutes. Place a slice of Chao cheese over each burger.

Add a small splash of water to one side of the pan to create a steaming effect, then cover quickly with a lid for about 2 minutes. This allows the cheese to melt perfectly for your burgers. Remove burgers and place on a plate. Keeping the burner on the toast the buns.

Spritz the hamburger buns with some olive oil spray, or spread plant-based butter. In the same cast-iron pan, place the hamburger buns inside to toast for about 2 minutes. Once toasted, turn off heat and place a tablespoon of plant-based mayo onto each side of the toasted bun. Place the burger on top, followed by the jalapeño slices, another burger, then the desired amount of onions and mushrooms.

Top with some shredded cabbage or lettuce, a generous amount of BBQ sauce and more sliced jalapeños if you like it hot! Serve immediately with a roll of paper towels.

Recipe © Wicked Healthy, LLC

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