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Wicked Healthy - Select Shrooms - Fall Inspiration

Wicked Healthy’s Select Shrooms | Fall Inspiration

Mushrooms as meat. We’re always into it! When we’re not pressing or foraging, we’re checking out what other bloggers are doing with them. Here are some of our favorite #freefromanimals creations across the blogosphere that are perfect for fall. The only thing that’s being killed here are shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms!  

We love these fluffy + soft bao buns by Alissa over at Connoisseurus Veg!  In her own words: “making your own vegan steamed buns at home really isn’t that tough” and lets us know how she created the dough and then steamed them in a bamboo steamer. Then she stuffed them with shiitake mushrooms … we’re into it!

Shiitake Mushroom Vegan Bao Buns | photo by Connoiseurus Veg
Shiitake Mushroom Vegan Bao Buns | recipe + photo by Connoiseurus Veg

Traci over at Vanilla and Bean shreds portobellos—stems and all—to make this wicked delicious burger! That sauce? It’s her homemade Smoky Bourbon BBQ Saucecheck it out!

Pulled Portobello BBQ Sandwiches by Vanilla and Bean
Pulled Portobello BBQ Sandwiches | recipe + photo by Vanilla and Bean

Amanda over at My Goodness Kitchen caught our eye with these shroom burgers! She not only made her own charcoal buns, but also roasted then tossed Brussels with wasabi, mirin and a bit of sunflower oil to top the roasted portobellos.

Minds. Blown.

Portobello Mushroom Burger with Wasabi Sprouts by My Goodness Kitchen
Portobello Mushroom Burger with Wasabi Sprouts | recipe + photo by My Goodness Kitchen

We always love to see what Melina is up to over at About That Food. Arugula, cashew cream, caramelized onion and roasted + sliced oyster mushrooms are tucked into buns for a perfect dish on a chilly day.

Oyster Mushroom Stuffed Buns by About That Food
Oyster Mushroom Stuffed Buns | recipe + photo by About That Food

Ashley over at Eat Figs Not Pigs packed toasted sesame buns with pulled king oyster mushrooms, slathered them down with a smoky BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw and crispy fried onion strings. Perfection!

Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches | Eat Figs Not Pigs
Vegan Pulled Pork Sandwiches | recipe + photo by Eat Figs Not Pigs

Now we’re starving! Embrace the fall and all of the wicked awesome food that comes with it! Keep in touch on our instagram for shroom inspiration and more!

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