Vegan White Bean Stew with Fennel and Harissa

An aromatic, sexy yet bold white bean brothy soup that will have you grabbing that second bowl. Crusty bread is always a must to pair with this recipe. There’s always great gusto when this is served up; it’s hearty, yet spicy, fresh, but comforting. The underrated white bean is the star of the show, complemented by aromatic fennel and accented with the heat from Harissa. We hope you already have white beans and harissa in the pantry, but if you can’t get hold of them you can sub for another kind of bean and attempt your own harissa using our harissa recipe!




  1. Prepare your mise en place by chopping all vegetables, and rinsing and straining beans.
  2. Heat up stew pot on medium. Add olive oil to the pot, and add onions and fennel and a sprinkle of sea salt to the pot.
  3. Cook until translucent, about 3-5 minutes.
  4. Add beans to pot, and combine with one cup vegetable stock. Bring to simmer. Allow mixture to simmer on medium-low for 3- 5 minutes, or until liquid reduces by half. Mixture consistency should be more like a stew than a soup.
  5. Add fresh spinach and fresh parsley and a dollop of butter, put lid on the pot, turn off heat, and allow spinach to wilt.
  6. Once wilted, dish up ragout and add harissa on top to complete. Serve with a slice of crusty bread.


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