Wicked Podcast Round-Up

Tune into the good stuff while self-isolating – we’re all over the podwaves! We both have a LOT to say about our mission and we’ve stacked up some serious airtime on the greatest podcasts that the plant-based scene has to offer. If you want to learn more about what inspired our choice to live free from animals, how we started Wicked, Derek’s life-shifting times at a monastery, Chad’s family cooking tips and a ton of other plant pushin’ antics, scroll down and plug on in!

Derek Sarno Podcast Guest:

Eat for the Planet:

The ChickPeeps:

Generation V:

Talking Tastebuds:

podcast with derek sarno


Chad Sarno Podcast Guest:

Eat for the Planet:

Plant Strong #1:

Plant Strong #2:

Main Street Vegan:

main street vegan podcast with chad sarno

Our Hen House:

our hen house podcast with Chad sarno

If you’re inspired by these, head to our YouTube and put some of your new knowledge into play with our recipes on our YouTube channel!