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The Wicked Healthy Cookbook: US Release!

It’s the day we’ve been waiting for! And hopefully the day you’ve been waiting for! THE WICKED HEALTHY COOKBOOK releases in the US! 

129 recipes, #freefromanimals and full of flavor!

Growing up we were told what foods were “good” for us and we actually kind of listened despite our less-than-acceptable behavior at times. In fact, we took what everyone’s mom and all the good doctors had been saying and spent our lives in the kitchen training to be actual chefs that can make those foods the best way possible so we would eat them. We always lead with delicious flavors, super vibrant, emotionally comforting, fresh AF food with a wicked twist on great ingredients we have on hand. We’ve dedicated our lifetime of culinary practice into three years of hard work to create this masterpiece of a book and are excited to finally share it! We showcase new cooking techniques, easy-to-follow tips and tricks of the trade and the most innovative methods of preparing the sexiest foods to date! All rooted in our 80% healthy 20% wicked philosophy.

Quit the yo-yo diets, drop the twigs and berries, put down the addictive, processed crap foods and leave the animals outside cause there’s a couple of new chefs in town. We’ve got a common sense approach that’s gonna change your life and an entire industry for the better. The future of food is here and it’s Wicked Healthy.

Check out this sneak peek of one of the recipes in the cookbook, King Oyster Scallops with Shaved Asparagus and Corona Butter! 

Who the heck needs scallops when you have king oyster mushrooms! The technique of pan-searing while basting with a plant butter creates a rich, golden crust on mushrooms. It works great on crosscut slices of king oyster mushrooms, which have thick, firm stems and relatively small caps. It’s even better when you simmer king oyster scallops in a plant-based dashi-style broth to amp up their savory umami taste before pan-searing.

Check out some more recipes you can expect to see in the cookbook!

Check out your local bookstore, or order online! If you make something from the cookbook, please tag us @wickedhealthy with hashtags #freefromanimals and #wickedhealthycookbook so we don’t miss it!

Drop us a line to let us know what you think! We’re wicked stoked to share our Wicked Healthy philosophy and recipes with you!

Chad and Derek Sarno - Wicked Healthy

Here for you,

Chefs Chad and Derek Sarno

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