Coffee, chocolate and … avocado?!? Check out this wicked awesome way to jazz up your morning coffee for a treat. We’re taking your joe and making it your breakfast too, turning it into a delicious, filling smoothie.




  1. Make your french press as you usually do or use regular coffee, extra strong.
  2. Scoop avocado into a high-speed blender. Add chocolate bar pieces, serrano peppers and dates to blender.
  3. Press your coffee, then pour half into blender. Start the blender, and slowly increase speed, to combine all ingredients.
  4. As the blender is running and the ingredients have smoothed, add the rest of the french press.
  5. Pour Avocado Coffee into two glasses.
  6. Using a microplane rasp, grate the remaining chocolate over the top of the coffee. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.