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Wicked Healthy Select Shrooms | Stuffed, Grilled + Sauced!

Shrooms are spreading like wild fungi across the plant-based blogosphere, and we love to see what other bloggers are doing with them! In our latest Select Shrooms roundup, we’ve collected some recipes that honor these silky little beasts by treating them right. No animals were harmed in the making of these dishes, showing that compassion + cooking skillz really can change the world. We fully believe in and support others that share this mushroom-based mission!

First up are these Buffalo Oyster Mushrooms from the insanely talented Hot for Food. How wicked crispy and delicious do these shrooms look? Check out Lauren making the recipe here!

Vegan Buffalo Oyster Mushrooms | Hot for Food blog


The Viet Vegan made these Quiche-Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms packed with spinach, onion, dill and tofu. We love how Lisa used a negative food experience at a formal event as inspiration to create this positive, plant-based dish that shows how easy cooking compassionately can be.

Quiche Stuffed Portabella Mushrooms - The Viet Vegan


This Grilled Mushroom Caesar Salad from Vegan Dad is a perfect summer BBQ idea, and we love how Nathan threw everything on the grill to create this perfectly charred masterpiece!

Grilled Mushroom Caesar Salad - Vegan Dad


Next up is this Vegan Sushi Bowl with Hot ‘N Spicy Popcorn Mushrooms from Eat Figs, Not Pigs. We love how Ashley combined fresh and raw components with these spicy and crispy shrooms to create this gorgeous+colorful bowl of wicked deliciousness!

Vegan Sushi Bowls with Hot n Spicy Popcorn Mushroom - Eat Figs Not Pigs


These Handmade Shiitake Sausages from About That Food are gorgeous, and we love that they can be made in advance, frozen, and thrown onto a hot grill whenever. Nice grill marks, Melina!!

Handmade Shiitake Sausages - About that Food


Last up are these Shroom Shrimp by Olives for Dinner. Erin sliced king oyster shrooms twice to create a shrimp shape, then breaded and served them with a sweet+spicy bang bang sauce. We’re into it!

Vegan Shrimp - Olives for Dinner


For more shroom-based goodness, check out these recipes, and then head over to our instagram for more inspiration, like this crispy maitake, bathed in tamari+sesame and hot iron pressed! If you try our wicked healthy pressing technique or any other recipes from the blog, be sure to tag us at @wickedhealthy so we can see it!


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