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Wicked Healthy’s Instagram Favorites | Plant-Pushing Inspiration

We love instagram feeds that push plants from the side to the center of the plate, where they belong. These 10 Instagram accounts are some of our favorite feeds, filled with endless, plant-pushing inspiration!

We often refer our ourselves as plant-pushers, but lots of instagrammers are embracing that same spirit, making the plant-forward movement stronger with each photo, idea and caption. Making plants look sexy and delicious takes time and practice, so we want to give a shout-out to those feeds that constantly work towards that end. We’re always wicked excited to see what these instagram accounts are up to!

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We are always blown away by @foodiegudi‘s feed. Packed with plants and some of the most gorgeously arranged and styled food we’ve ever seen, Gudrun’s photos are all great examples of showing, not telling, how wicked amazing plants can be.



We love @plantbasedartist‘s feed for its masterful arrangement of diverse plants, and the bright pop of color he manages to capture in each shot. Check out Sheil’s site for even more plant-based inspiration!



Maya @thedreamyleaf‘s feed always makes us want to jump in and take a bite. From luscious desserts to wicked colorful entrees, this feed always catches our eye. Check out more of Maya’s work over at, and check out her cookbook, Easy Vegan Breakfasts & Lunches.


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We love @thefullhelping‘s feed for its white and light + simple and clean look and feel. Gena does a great job of putting the spotlight on one or two pieces of produce, allowing them to shine on the plate. Be sure to check out The Full Helping, Choosing Raw and Food52 Vegan for even more recipes and inspiration!


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@theplantfeed is exploding with color and texture, and Christoffer’s work always makes us do a double-take. Check out The Plant Feed if you have room for seconds!


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@fogwoodandfig is a master of perfect sauce drizzles, and we love the clean and wholesome feel of Diana’s work. Check out Fogwood & Fig for more!


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We are in love with @celinesteen‘s photography for its simple but smart styling and unique way of capturing light and shadow. Check out her blog, Have Cake Will Travel for more, and keep an eye out for her newest cookbook, Bold Flavored Vegan Cooking, to be released in late July!



How amazing do these black bean and cashew cream sauce burgers from @themintyanne look? If you haven’t already, take a peek at Krystle’s instagram and blog, and you’ll see proof that plants can do anything meat can do … better!



@kathypatalsky‘s feed always has a fresh pop of color and a feeling of freeness and fun. It’s this approach that breaks the stereotype that plant-based is restrictive or boring. Check out Kathy’s blog and Finding Vegan (which she curates) for more ideas and inspiration!



Sara over at @wellandfull blends bold, vibrant colors with a dark background (a look we are kind of fond of over here ourselves). Take a look at her site, Well and Full, for more ideas and inspiration!


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