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Mildred - beauty shot

Raising Ninjas: Chapter 2

We’ve heard of being raised by a pack of wild wolves right? If someone ever told me I’d relate that to being raised by a bunch of ninja squirrels I’d have laughed out loud right then and there.

This past year has been amazing, growing alongside, close up and personal with the lives of our friendly neighborhood ninjas. Helping these amazing creatures was helping me dip even deeper into compassionate caring for others. Practicing compassion requires just that, practice!

This has been one of the most amazing experiences ever!  Raising, being friends with and caring for these ninja-type characters brings up two feelings: heartwarming and rewarding. Each one of them has a personality of their own and the journey of discovering that was a wonderful opportunity that will forever influence my relations to animals and people in general.  When asked what I’ve been doing for the last year?  I say – ‘ I raised a couple ninjas, developed a few recipes, learned some photography and wrote a couple books with my kick ass brothers’. True story.

Mildred, the princess, that has won the hearts of so many and has adapted well to her new ninja life outside in the wild of the back yard. It’s a been successful transition!  We’ve been lucky, she decided to stick around the neighborhood and stay close to home. She was abandoned and lost her family as a baby. Now she’s part of our family and the neighborhood squirrel gang that comes around almost everyday, especially when I decide to watch any Bruce Lee movies or include nuts into any foods. It’s nice to be of support to the environment and help out the beings we’ve encroached on. It’s well worth the effort and the pure love that comes with it is priceless.

The endless entertainment these clowns offer during the course of any day is amusing to say the least and sometimes it’s the only interaction I’d have with anyone and I’m okay with that.

Here are a few shots showing some special times taken over the past few months of the one and only princess Mildred. Mind you it’s not easy to take shots of these twitchy, always moving, little energetic cartoon characters. And admittedly I’m as smitten as ever for her.

I’m happy to report that even though I am transitioning to the UK, I have some friends that are checking in on Mildred regularly and plan on visiting as often as possible.


Mildred - floor

Mildred - laptop

Mildred - window

Mildred - eating

Me and Mildred

Mildred - reaching out
Mildred, high fives!

Mildred - saying hi

Mildred - sniffing

Mildred - looking down

Mildred - Thrive Mag
Mildred’s debut in a recent issue of Thrive Magazine!

Mildred - being held

Mildred - love

Mildred - hiding
Mildred in her natural habitat. Amongst the flowering hedges guarding the backyard ninja territory.
Mildred - hanging out
Our buddy Mildred, as she gloats a bit in front of here ninja friends demonstrating it’s okay to be near to me while her furry buddies look on in amazement.


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