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Wicked Healthy’s Instagram Favorites | Feeds We Love to Follow

Instagram is such a wicked awesome place for culinary inspiration and a great way to stay on top of the growing trends in the plant-pushing food world and beyond. Here are 10 Instagram accounts that always deliver beautiful dishes, make plants look sexy and ones we regularly draw inspiration from.

Let’s be honest here for a minute. We admittedly cannot be wicked creative all the time, we have high moments and dips and lulls on our path. Constantly having to create new dishes is not always easy. During those times of reflection, we look outward and draw ideas from what others are doing. We then incorporate those ideas into feelings that are reflected into our food. Instagram lends itself well to that. When we’re not creating the foods, we are the audience, rooting for those that inspire and motivate us to push on.

We started our account as a way to categorize creations we came up with by snapping a photo, which we could then reference later and write the recipe when needed. Nowadays, it’s a bit of both fun and “work”. Instagram is such a great avenue to draw ideas from and learn from our peers, as well as for seeing where we might want to eat in any particular town. Everyone builds off of everyone, as one beautiful, symbiotic, interdependent means to push the cause for compassionate-cruelty free, plant based preparation forward. IG has helped bring plant pushing to the center stage which, for many, had only considered it to be a side dish.

Long live plants and long live all the animals saved by the many showing how amazing, deliciously sinful and healthy plants really are!


First up is @spoonfulofpixels. Lisa’s food draws us in with its deliberate and playful messiness, and keeps us coming back for her gorgeous food styling and wicked awesome sense of humor. Check out more of Lisa’s work here.



Weed? Burgers? @thedutchweedburger … you have our full attention. We love seeing all of the seaweed-based dishes in this feed, support their mission and are intrigued by their cookbook, Ocean Greens, released last year.



@merritmakesvegan looks at the world through a dreamy lens and we like that she shares what she sees. Definitely dessert-heavy, Merritt’s feed reminds us to slow down and appreciate the sweet+simple things. Check out more of Merritt’s work on her site, Merritt Makes Vegan.



Powerhouse instagrammer Mary Mattern of @nomyourself has a following of more than 150K, and for good reason: she makes plants looks sexy and approachable, and delivers photo captions with a good dose of humor and grace. If her feed leaves you hungry for more, check out her cookbook, Nom Yourself.


A photo posted by Hiram Camillo (@hiramcamillo) on


When we think of chefs and cooks that constantly push boundaries and deliver mind-blowing food, @hiramcamillo is one of the first to come to mind. This low key, humble dude is one of the most talented peeps we know and look up to! Chef Hiram’s highly creative, completely plant-based feed brings us dishes like broccoli marrow, cured sweet potato lox and this king oyster mushroom tempura, with an occasional doughnut or two thrown in.



Timothy Pakron, aka @mississippivegan, is an artist, forager and chef. All of these things and more are reflected in his vibrant and fresh feed that’s packed full of plants and creativity. Be sure to check out more of his work + recipes over at his blog, Mississippi Vegan.



@joshfoolovesyou is a new instagram discovery for us, and we love to see what he’s doing with plants. This Omaha-based photographer features a good balance of people and food, and we love to see how he views the world through his lens. For more of his work, check out his website and Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s newest title, The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook.



For a feed that’s full of color and variety, we love checking out @letscookvegan. An aggregate feed that pulls and features the best vegan dishes from instagram, we get a taste of sweet+savory, as well as an array of ideas and inspiration.



Wales-based photographer @avantgardevegan blows our minds with his stunning photography, command of composition and vibrant color. We especially love the balance of simple food against more over-the-top creations, which always keeps us wondering what he’ll post next. Check out and subscribe to his YouTube channel for more!


A photo posted by Nathan Burrows (@veganagoge) on


Last but not least is @veganagoge, Sous Chef at Plant, an Asheville, NC-based restaurant based on a philosophy we love. This feed features super-tight plating with a plant-based soigné look and feel, with a heavy dose of creativity and innovation. What we love most about his work is that it is high end without the tweezified, pretentious feel.


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