Noodles man!  Seriously, looking at these makes my eyes tear up, heart throb and conscious dance around the room and it’s not entirely because we love onions. We’ll make bad ass bowls like this, give them to loved ones rather than flowers any day, nothing screams “take me” like this!

Imagine how your girl will feel when you serve this to her and her family. I freakin LOVE YOU is how it’ll go! Of course if you’re making it for family members they’ll feel the love in a different way. Another upside to mixed noodle bowls is you can build them with left over odds and ends in the fridge and play the left over game of ‘wait wait don’t throw that away’! They make amazing lunches and are the hit of any dinner party or potluck. Beautiful, bountiful, tasteful and colorful hits the wicked sexy food mark.



Here’s a list of items to get you started on your own. Each bowl is different and customizable, pick and choose what you like and make your own noodle bar.


Each section of the Salad may be prepared plain or dressed as a salad in itself. Prepare the dressing ahead to save time. Prepare each component as your mise en place and put one big bowl together for family style or individual bowls. The key is in the mise en place.


Individual ingredient items are stated above, combination thoughts and prepared items below.

  1. Cilantro, Mint & Butter Lettuce: In small bowl combine mint, cilantro and butter lettuce.
  2. Cucumber: add 1 TBS sesame oil, pinch of salt, mix well, place in small bowl & chill.
  3. White Onion: Brush with coconut milk, 1 tsp. lime juice, pinch of salt & pepper, grill and chill.
  4. Asparagus: Brush lightly with sesame oil, salt & pepper and grill or sear for less than a minute. Remove from heat and let cool. Cut into 1 inch pieces at an angle and chill.
  5. Baby Bok Choi: Heat skillet, add 1 TBS sesame oil, 1 TBS. sliced garlic, pinch of salt and pepper and sauté for 30 seconds then add baby bok Choi and cook for 2 minutes until slightly tender, remove from heat, chill in small bowl.
  6. Organic Carrot juice Dressing: In medium size bowl add Carrot Juice, ¼ cup coconut vinegar, 1 TBS garlic, 1 tsp. ginger, juice from 2 limes, Thai chili slices, 2 TBS sesame oil, ½ tsp. pepper and 1 TBS chopped Cilantro. Mix well, place in container and chill.

Pour dressing all over before serving. Serve with dressing on the side, sesame oil, soy sauce Ninja Squirrel Sriracha, fresh chili paste and any other condiment you can think of, preferably spicy.