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Wicked Healthy and Whole Foods Market Team Up!

We’re wicked excited to team up with Whole Foods Market to create this new video series!

Whole Foods Market is a ninja chef’s toy box and hands down supports the highest standards of quality products from berries to nuts, to seasonal vegetables and of course their amazing beer selection doesn’t suck.  Not to mention they offer the largest selection of vegan and plant-pushing partner type products on the market!

With anticipation of the Wicked Healthy Cookbook launch we decided to partner up and work in conjunction with Whole Foods Markets to showcase and share the message that rings true across the world stage, eating more plants—no matter what “diet” you are on—is the best way to take control of your health.

We’re not sure about you but we’re tired of all the crap we’re seeing out there, this diet and that diet, seriously?!  This is NOT a house of learned doctors, we’re proud graduates of the University of Common Sense and Kitchen Smahts!  Though we do a lot of work with a ton of cool doctors,  the one note that rings true in all the messaging is eat more friggin’ vegetables!

This summer beginning July 11, we’re excited to announce that, together with Whole Foods Market, we’ll be launching the very first season of Wicked Healthy Takeover! An episode a week, ranging from 3 – 8 minutes of new and exciting ways to prepare real crave-able, approachable and wicked sexy food is on the agenda.  We’ll be sharing some of our tips and tricks of the trade to be of benefit to you and your loved ones.

Next week’s premier launch of episode one will support all the summer hits as we conquer the grill with Wicked Healthy BBQ Takeover.

 Wicked Healthy BBQ Takeover
Video Production in Collaboration with Whole Foods Market


Whole Foods market

Derek Sarno: Plant-Pusher, co-founder of Wicked Healthy*
Derek Sarno
Photo credit: @StephLynnPhotos
Ira Chute:  producer, camera
Ira Chute
Clyde Burley: director, producer, camera
Clyde Burley
Jason De La Rosa – editor  (no pic)
Zelda:  Ninja Squirrel Mascot
Brother Chad was busy teaching a Rouxbe class during the filming of these. Please sign up for our newsletter and keep watch for more to Wicked Healthy shenanigans to come.
Wicked Healthy Take Over
Wicked Healthy Take Over

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